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This series of articles are written by Janice Kumar. They deal with common health issues and focus on natural herbs and home remedies which should help in most cases. They should be used with discretion and care and are not meant to replace a doctor. They are home remedies and will in general support an existing line of treatment. Here online pharmacy store with discounted prices and worldwide delivery - faastpharmacy.com.      

Most of these articles are written from personal experience or the experience undergone by a close confidant. They are generally tried and have been found successful in many cases.

Janice has used the Indian Ayurveda techniques and tips available in ancient texts to write these articles. Most contain herbal tips and are quite useful.

The herbs mentioned in the articles are generally easily available in any market or online. Many commercially available remedies also contain many of these herbs. These articles are meant to educate rather than sell and are all free to read.  They aim to provide alternatives to generally acceptable line of treatment and will rely on a combination of homeopathy, herbal remedies, Ayurveda and well known home remedies.

Do also check out the Herbal Beauty Website created by Janice Kumar. There are interesting herbal beauty tips available and are free to read. 

Free Dog Guide takes the concepts of homeopathy and natural remedies for pets especially dogs, forward and is useful for pet lovers.

New Herbal Health Care Articles

List of Health foods with their Usage

Learn how to use everyday  foods to cure and fix ailments

Mouth Ulcer Cures

Herbal , natural remedies for mouth ulcers and painful sores.

Super Health Foods

Super foods that can add to your health. Easy to find and easy to use.

Reduce Salt Intake

Why it is important to reduce common salt intake and some easy way to start doing so.

The Right pH Balance

How and why the right pH balance in your body can improve your health.

Allergies - Herbal Cures

Easy to use anti allergy tips and herbal remedies.

Skin Rash Herbal Cures

Herbal remedies for skin rash.

Herbal Eye Care

Take care of your eyes, the natural way.

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Disclaimer: The article and tips are for guidance only. Use them at your own risk and discretion. We take no responsibility for any suggestion given above. We strongly urge you consult a qualified professional doctor  to find a lasting cure for any problem.  The views expressed are the personal views of the author. We take no responsibility for same. Please consult a professional, before using any information on this site. No liability of any kind is accepted by us.  


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