Allergies and some Natural Cures                    by  Janice Kumar

There are various kinds of allergies. Technically, an allergy is when the human body reacts abnormally to an external stimuli. A person can be  allergic to many different kind of stimuli such as food, various drugs, pollen, dust, beauty products, chemicals, strong smells etc.

Some symptoms of an allergic reaction include

  • Bouts of sneezing

  • Skin rashes which come and go on their own

  • Itching in the eyes

  • Burning eyes causing tears to well up

  • Itch in the skin

  • Bronchial Asthma and wheezing while breathing

  • Colds and blocked sinuses leading to blocked nasal passage

Allergies are best handled quickly and the best cure is actually prevention. If you know what allergen causes the reaction in the body, then it is best to avoid that stimuli. If you do not know the cause then try the following precautions.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust in the house. This is a better solution to cleaning the house. Avoid brooms and brushes as they get the dust moving.

  • Change bed sheets every night before sleeping. This should get rid of the dust mites and the clean sheets are good for the skin.

  • Try changing your soap to a glycerin based one. Sometimes the harsh chemicals in the soap cause an allergic reaction on the skin.

  • If you have a sneezing problem along with watery eyes, avoid the use of strong perfumes and deodorants.

  • Avoid using feather filled  duvets, pillows or cushions.

  • Avoid flowering plants and trees. Pollen is a major cause of allergies  worldwide.

  • Avoid strong smells and try to keep the car windows up while driving.

Some quick herbal home cures which work in most cases are detailed below. It must be remembered that not all herbals cures will work on every person. However they will generally be effective for a particular symptom.

Skin rashes which are angry red and come and go can be treated with sandalwood paste. Rub a block of sandalwood on a wet stone and apply the paste on the rashes. The cool sandalwood will counteract the allergy causing allergen and soothe the skin. Do this three times a day, wash off with cold water and pat (do not rub) dry. I have listed a few more herbal cures for skin rashes here.

Some allergens cause minor breathing difficulties. A major wheezing attack could be Bronchial asthma and should be treated by a professional as it can be life threatening. Blocked sinuses can be opened up by burning camphor in the room. Take a few pieces of camphor in a aroma lamp or burn them in a flat metal dish and let the smell pervade the room. This strong camphor smell will open up the sinuses very fast allowing normal breathing.

Another effective way to open up the respiratory tract is with eucalyptus oil. Put some in the aroma lamp and find the benefits. Put a few drops near your pillow and breathe in the fumes  to open up the respiratory tract over the course of the night.

Itchy eyes and watery eyes may be caused by dust and pollution in the cities. If you prone to this problem, then try this routine on a regular basis. Take some (pure) Rose water in an ice tray and freeze into cubes. Rub these cubes gently on the eyes and let the cold rose water gently soothe and clean your eyes providing much needed relief.

We also recommend Native Remedies  for natural remedies. They use naturopathy, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic formulations for effective relief.

A doctor will generally treat an allergy with anti histamine. In severe cases, this may be required and it is always advisable to consult a doctor in case of a violent reaction in the body on account of an allergen. At times, quick timely reaction can save a life so speed is most essential. Herbal treatments in this case, can be added to the line of treatment but may be supplemented with a doctor's advice.


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