Fix Constipation, the Natural Way                   by  Janice Kumar


When frequency of bowel movement decreases and feces does not get removed from the intestines easily, it may be defined as constipation. A constipated person may experience discomfort while passing feces and may have to visit the toilet many times in the morning, before the stomach gets fully cleared. This is inconvenient and  according to Ayurveda, one of the prime reasons for various ailments the body suffers.

Laxatives available in the market is one solution for constipation. But that is a short term solution which doe snot address the cause of the problem. The cause may lie in lack of proper fiber in the diet and too much oily food. The long term solution may need a change in food habits and the patient may need to include raw fruits and vegetables in his / her diet. It is also important to eat brown breads and brown rice  as they provide much needed fiber.

If the problem is caused by  medication  being taken  for  some other  medical problem, then a further investigation and doctor's advise may be recommended.

Some natural cures that work well in constipation are given below. Pick one that is convenient and works for you.

Psyllium Husk is a  wonderful natural herb to cure this problem. Take 3 teaspoons (15 grams approximately) and eat it up with the help of a hot cup of milk. Do this before going to bed and let it work overnight. This will help detoxify  the intestines and help eliminate the problem of constipation quickly, painlessly. Repeat on alternate nights for up to three times to find a longer term relief.

Another remedy involves Spinach. Take half a cup of spinach and put it into boiling water. Remove it after two to three minutes and then put it into iced water. Remove all the water and eat it. This blanched spinach will help in chronic constipation and start bowel movement within a couple of hours of ingesting it.

Senna leaves (  can also be effective in severe constipation. There are many herbal remedies which use these leaves as an active ingredient. This should be taken carefully as it can really loosen the stomach.  Boil a few of these leaves in water for a few minutes along with fennel seeds and a little ginger. Drink this water in the night to find relief in the morning. Do Not repeat, unless absolutely necessary as this is a very very strong purgative in this form.

A simple and easy solution is Homeopathy. Take a dose of Nux Vomica 200CH before going to bed. Repeat this for three nights consecutively to find substantial relief. This is safe, natural and easy.

Universal Herbs Inc   has a wide range of herbal remedies. Use their search function to find many interesting alternative cures for stomach problems.


It is important to try and investigate and find the cause of constipation. Self cures and advisable only for minor problems. It is important to consult  a doctor in case of serious constipation which persists over a longer period of time. 



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