Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps                  by  Janice Kumar


I have over the years been searching for some effective home natural remedies for menstrual cramps. This is a very common ailment affecting millions of women but an effective solution seems a little far away.  This painful conditions keeps women from work and they suffer silently. A few home remedies detailed below seem to work in most cases. Severe cases of menstrual cramps are best treated by a doctor.

I can suggest the following. Please try them at least once, before discarding same as unworkable. These remedies have been found to be very effective in many women and I can personally recommend them.


One easy and quick fix which every one can try for abdominal cramps is to add 5 grams (One teaspoon) of asafetida powder to 200 ml of warm water (Not hot) and drink same twice with a gap of 30 minutes. This herb has the ability to fix cramps in the abdominal and stomach area and gives partial to total relief in many cases.  This home remedy is effective, natural and safe so try it next time.


Another remedy that is effective involves garlic peels.  Garlic has many beneficial properties and can also help in alleviating pain and cramps relating to menstrual problems. Peel four to five pieces of garlic and fry them in clarified butter. Let them cool and then sprinkle a little sugar on them. Swallow a couple of pieces and wait for 15 minutes to find relief.  For more effective relief, swallow another couple after a couple of hours.  You will not believe how effective this can be. 


Another quick fix is to apply heat to the abdomen area for partial relief. You can use a hot water bottle, wrap it in a towel and apply directly to affected area for relief.


One cooked banana flower, eaten with curd is a good cure for excessive bleeding during menstruation. This also provides relief from abdominal cramps in certain specific cases so it is worth a try.


I also recommend Homeopathic treatment for a long term cure to the problem of back pain, cramps and general ill health due to menstrual problems. There are many effective homeopathic remedies which work very well for many women. These remedies are safe and very effective. Check out some readymade homeopathic mixtures or visit a homeopathic consultant to get the right combination of homeopathic medicines.


With a little focused effort, you can find relief from this problem and enjoy your life to the full, so start experimenting a bit. For any persistent problem, a professional doctor is best. At times the underlying reasons are not easy to find, so consult a doctor for long term relief.


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