Dandruff - Causes and some Natural Cures                   by  Janice Kumar


Dandruff is a scalp condition and is reflected in itching , loose white flakes and loose yellow flakes which fall off and may be noticed on the shoulders, back or scalp. Dandruff can also lead to other related problems. It can lead to an inflamed scalp condition, hair loss, acne and itchy skin.

Dandruff usually consists of the dead cells that are shed by the skin, to be replaced by new ones. This is a normal ongoing process and this is the way human skin behaves. However sometimes the pH balance of the scalp may get disturbed leading to excessive sebaceous secretions and the dandruff ( scales) may tend to stick on to the scalp. When they get shed off, they fall in white/yellow flakes.

Dandruff can happen in both dry and oily scalp conditions. The collection of dead cells on the scalp can cause the pores of the scalp to get blocked leading to obstruction of the flow of natural oil to the hair,  leading to hair that is dull and lifeless in spite of an oily scalp.


Some herbal home remedies for controlling and eliminating mild dandruff may be mentioned below. These are natural and generally safe and have been found effective in many cases of dandruff.


Heat 30-40 ml of coconut oil, add two or three flakes of garlic and three to four peppercorns to the mixture. Cool and apply to the scalp. Wash off nest morning with a mild shampoo to find healthy and voluminous hair. Try this twice a week for three to four weeks to find a long term solution to the problem of dandruff, along with healthy hair.


Grate a coconut and extract thick coconut milk from it. Apply on hair and leave overnight. Wash off, next day with a mild shampoo. Repeat twice a week to find relief from dandruff.


Put a few drops of Eucalyptus oil in coconut oil and massage into the scalp. Leave overnight and then shampoo. This process repeated twice a week for  a couple of weeks will show improvement in dandruff conditions. The massage of the hair is an important part of the treatment as it stimulates blood flow to the scalp and helps in removing dead cells.


Lemon juice also helps in restoring the pH balance of the scalp. Put a few drops of lemon juice in 15-20 ml of coconut oil and massage into the hair. Leave overnight and wash off the next day to find hair shining and clean. Over a few applications , this treatment will help in restoring the scalp pH balance and reduce dandruff formation.


The above are natural dandruff treatments which rely upon massage to stimulate blood flow to the scalp,  restoring the pH balance of the scalp and removing the dead cells to stimulate growth of healthy skin cells stimulating natural oil flow to the hair follicles by opening up the pores.

However there might be other factors causing dandruff, not directly related to the scalp such as high stress levels, smoking , poor dietary habits and bacterial infections. These may require lifestyle changes, intake of healthy foods and reduction of stress levels. These long term solutions will benefit the entire human body leading to better hair and better skin.

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I hope you found some possible causes and solutions to the dandruff problem above. Try to use the treatments with discretion. Incase you suffer from excessive dandruff or itchy skin, a bacterial condition may be indicated and the help of a doctor is highly recommended.



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