Herbal Remedies for Diabetes Mellitus                       by Janice Kumar


I have scoured the ancient Ayurveda and folk writing of India to look for some herbal cures for mild cases of Diabetes Mellitus. It seems a shame to be on drugs for the whole of ones life, for any problem of the body. At times there may be no recourse but to be on insulin and drugs to control this problem. However there is no harm in trying these herbs. There are many positive cases and at times the patient’s response to these herbs is excellent. However not all humans respond in the same way. So experiment a bit, check your blood sugar levels regularly and try to keep a track of the benefits of these herbs as applicable to your body. If you can find a continuous positive response, you may, after consultation with your physician or doctor start to reduce your allopathic medicines.

Three very effective measures against Diabetes Mellitus are:

Light Daily Exercise: A brisk walk twice a day for a couple of Kilometers each time is very useful in control of blood sugar levels. This is a must for all patients of Diabetes.

Reduce Obesity: If you are overweight for your height and age, you need to reduce your weight. However for patients of diabetes, it is important to reduce the body weight slowly under doctor supervision. The benefits are immense.

Diet Control : Stop over eating and follow a doctors  recommended diet strictly.


Some Herbs are found to be effective against Diabetes. I am giving their local name / Latin names  and also the method by which the same have to prepared and ingested.


One well known and ancient remedy is Bitter Gourd. This vegetable is an effective cure against diabetes and has been used for time immemorial against this problem. However it may not be effective in all cases but is worth a try. Squeeze and crush the vegetable in a juicer or by hand to collect one ounce (approximately 6 – 7 tea spoons) in a glass. The juice will be very bitter. Drink this juice on empty stomach in the morning and also once in the evening. Try this therapy for at least 30 days to find improvement in blood sugar levels. This therapy is practiced in many households for effective control of diabetes and has been found to be curative also in some cases. So try it.


Fenugreek is also an effective curative herb for this problem. A tablespoonful of fenugreek leaf juice taken early in the morning for about three months has been found to cure early stages of Diabetes Mellitus. The powder of Fenugreek seeds is also effective in this condition. Crush the seeds in a blender and take 5 grams of this powder twice a day with curds to find positive results. 


One teaspoon of cinnamon powder taken twice a day , morning and evening with water has also been found to be effective against Diabetes. This is an easy remedy so all patients of this problem , must try it for two to three weeks to find, if it is effective for them or not.


Some other common herbs found useful in treating Diabetes Mellitus are Jamun and its seeds, Gulair (Ficus Glomerata), Coriander seeds, Lettuce, Red rose flower & Fennel seeds. a mixture of the powders from these herbs taken twice a day , is also found to be effective for this problem.


There are a few herbal powders available in the market, which use a combination of two or more of the above herbs. They may be also tried for treatment of this disease. At times for some body types, they can be very effective.


In conclusion, diabetes patient needs to exercise regularly, cut down on white sugar, reduce weight if obese and try some natural herbs. A combination of the above treatment and lifestyle change can work wonders. Take your pick and experiment to find the best solution to your problem.


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