Some Possible Causes of Dry Mouth in the Morning     by  Janice Kumar


Many people, when they wake up in the morning have a dry mouth and a parched feeling. This may be alleviated by drinking a lot of water first thing in the morning however if it is a persistent symptom, then it needs to be investigated.


Before, a remedy can be found for this condition, it may be necessary to find a possible cause. I list below some common causes. In case, you feel that these do not adequately describe your symptoms, then you may need to explore the net further or consult a doctor for detailed clinical investigations.


  • If a dry mouth and a parched feeling is a normal occurrence, check if you breathe with your mouth while sleeping. This may be due to force of habit which may require modification or most likely it is caused by  a blocked nose. This blocked nose may also cause snoring. It may be caused by a deviated nasal septum ( deviation in the nasal bone) or due to a cold condition leading to formation of excess mucous.

  • Another possible cause for a blocked nose leading to a dry mouth is hay fever. This is a kind of an allergic condition which can cause excess mucous formation leading to dryness.

  • Drinking too much alcohol in the night can leave the body dehydrated. This can cause a dry parched feeling in the morning.

  • Acidity in the stomach, or acid reflux can also cause a dry mouth. The cause of acidity may be late dinners or the nature of the food itself.

  • The heat or weather condition may be leaving the body dehydrated. To stay fit, it is recommended that a person should consume 7-9 glasses of water daily. A lower intake of water can leave the body dehydrated.

  • Many medicines especially those used for treating depression or used to cure sleeplessness, can leave the body dehydrated and a parched dry mouth in the morning.

  • Stress can lead to a dry mouth in the morning. The body reacts to anxiety and the sleep may be disturbed, leading to a dry dehydrated feeling, in the morning.


Some possible solutions may include the following.

  • Reduce alcohol intake in the evenings. Increase water intake before going to bed.

  • Increase water intake during the day to compensate for dehydration during the day.

  • Check medication carefully and try to look for alternatives after consulting your doctor.

  • Reduce stress. This may require a life style change and  professional   treatment.

  • In case, you are suffering from a blocked nose, it is important to find  a solution.  Cold tablets may not be an ideal solution as they may lead to more dehydration.

  • Stomach upsets or acid reflux needs to be controlled to enjoy a peaceful sleep. Try homeopathy. A few doses of Nux Vomica 30CH taken during the day should alleviate most symptoms. In case of severe problems try to find the food or lifestyle causing the problem and eliminate the source.

  • It is also important to drink two to three glasses of water before sleeping to try and hydrate your body in the night. This is a most important short term solution.


If the above does not work, you may need to discuss the problem with a doctor to find the other possible hidden reason for the problem and work towards a solution.

I hope you were able to find something useful in the above article.


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