Food Allergy - FAQ                                      by Janice Kumar


What are food allergies?

Food allergies are caused by allergens in the food that are a kind of protein in the food. These proteins resist the cooking process, the acid in the stomach and the enzymes in the stomach and intestines and enter the blood stream. They cause the allergy reaction  after they enter the blood stream.


What are the symptoms of food allergy?

Food allergies may have multifarious symptoms. Some of the primary ones are listed as follows:

Rashes on the skin

Swollen tongue

Asthma and breathing problems

Light headedness, weakness and drop in blood pressure

Tingling and irritation in the throat.

Discomfort in the abdomen, including upset stomach.

Children are particularly vulnerable although some may outgrow the problem. Children suffering from a food allergy may show symptoms of hyper activity, wheezing, skin rashes, itching and upset stomach.


Can food allergies be life threatening?

If untreated, food allergies can be life threatening. The scientific term used for life threatening food allergies is Anaphylaxis.

It is suggested that an individual suffering from a particular food allergy needs to strictly avoid that particular food. It is difficult to predict severity of an allergic reaction to a particular food item. So it is best to avoid that food.


Are there any other psychological or social implications of a food allergy?

When a child or an adult suffers from a particularly unknown severe food allergy, there may be many associated social and financial implications.

The person and family around that person may suffer from eating disorders and compulsive behavior.   There might be substantial hospital expenses on account of emergencies and the patient may require full time care. These various factors  may lead to family problems and in extreme cases, breakup of the family.


What are the various kinds of foods that may cause an allergic reaction?

Although there is no definite list, but the following foods are well known to cause allergic reactions in many individuals. The list includes:


Tree Nuts such as Walnuts

Sea Foods including Shell Fish, Shrimp, Cray fish, Lobsters and Crabs.




Strawberries (and other berries)



Final Comment

In conclusion, an individual suffering from food allergies needs to avoid that particular food, always carry some emergency anti allergy measures on his person and carry the information regarding a particular food allergy on his person.

It is best to keep well informed by reading up on all relevant information on the web and in latest health publications to stay ahead of the problem. Information is the key to living a healthy and food allergy free life. 


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