Hepatitis (Jaundice) - Causes and Some Herbal Cures   by  Janice Kumar


Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. There are broadly two kinds of hepatitis  (Jaundice) , infectious and serum. The disease is primarily caused by a virus which affects the liver's functioning. The liver gets impaired and is unable to function properly. When the liver is affected, it is unable to efficiently purify blood, store vitamins and other nutrients essential for proper functioning of the body, release bile for digestion and release glycogen for reserve energy.

From the above it will be obvious that the body will experience symptoms such as nausea, indigestion, weakness, a desire to rest and sleep, dark colored urine and finally yellow colored skin and eyes.

Infectitious Hepatitis is caused by contaminated water and food (carrying the virus). Some other common causes are excessive alcohol which impairs the liver and sea food from contaminated water sources. The other kind of hepatitis-Serum is caused by un sterilized hypodermic syringes and shared needles. There are  multiple causes of Hepatitis including toxic chemicals, reactions to different medicines ( drugs),  As the name suggests , blood from infectious Hepatitis patients needs to be handled with care as this disease can spread through contact.  Hepatitis is categorized into A, B , C depending upon the cause. The net effect is the same- Liver impairment. The treatment of the different kinds of Hepatitis in allopathic medicine is different depending upon the cause. In this article we will discuss some natural and alternative cures and solutions to stimulate the Liver functioning.


  • One Homeopathic Remedy that works well to stimulate the liver is Lycopodium. This remedy taken in potency 200 CH , once every day in the morning for 10-12 days has a beneficial effect on the Liver. It is important to consult a Homeopathic doctor to get remedies targeted to the specific symptoms being experienced by the patient. Homeopathy can be effective in treating this problem but the patent needs regular supervision.

  • A Fresh Pineapple slice dipped in honey refrigerated over night is a great booster for the Liver. Try this natural remedy for 15 days to find better liver functioning.

  • Blend Pineapple juice 10 grams with turmeric powder 2 grams, and 3 grams crystal sugar. Take this concoction twice a day for faster recovery from this disease.

  • 6 grams of turmeric powder in a small glass butter milk taken once a day will also help in the recovery.

  • Radish juice with jaggery is a good stimulant for the liver. Take 40 grams of Radish juice mixed with  10 grams of jaggery once or twice a day for 10 days to find marked improvement.     

  • Fresh Sugarcane juice taken once daily for 2- 3 weeks is an excellent tonic for the stimulation of the liver. This boosts energy levels and keeps the patient active with a better appetite and enthusiasm for recovery.


The recovery can be judged by regular blood tests which chart the functioning of the liver. A doctor will guide the patient with the correct diet which is most essential for recovery from this problem. Normally, a very light boiled and  bland diet of vegetables which can be easily digested will be recommended. Alcohol will be totally banned and can be fatal.


This disease is primarily best treated with natural liver stimulants. Diabetes can be an added complication which can negate the use of many traditional remedies. It is best to discuss all possible natural remedies you may be interested in trying with a doctor before starting the same. 


I hope you found some interesting and useful information in the article.



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