Fix a loose Stomach, the natural Way                   by  Janice Kumar


A loose stomach can happen to anyone and anywhere. It may be caused by infected food or water. It may also be caused by food that is not compatible with the body or weather conditions.

A bad stomach will normally cause discomfort and weakness. It may fix itself in a few days but it is important to prevent dehydration during the period. To prevent dehydration, a good solution is to drink lemonade with added sugar and salt. Another option is to use oral hydration packets available at all major chemist shops.

Incase, of severe stomach problems the doctor will prescribe  some sort of an antibiotic for the problem. However this will normally leave a bad taste in the mouth and spoil the appetite of the patient.

There are some home remedies and natural remedies that work well in many cases. A patient can avoid the use of strong antibiotics and get the problem in control in many of these cases. However if the stomach is not improving even after 2 days of home treatment it is advisable to visit a doctor to prevent weakness and dehydration and serious complications.

Some remedies that work in the case of an upset loose stomach are as follows.

A simple cure involves chewing raw guava leaves. Take two to three leaves, wash them and chew them. This will normally help stabilize the stomach quickly. Repeat after 5 hours till problem is fixed.

Another quick cure for diarrhea is with fenugreek seeds. Roast 5 grams (one teaspoonful) of fenugreek seeds and then add them to a glass of  semi    (slightly )  warm water and drink up. Repeat after 4 hours to find relief.

I have also experienced gratifying results with homeopathy. Two remedies that have worked very well for me are as follows.

For diarrhea (diarrhoea) accompanied with lots of flatulence, alternate Podophyllum 30CH with Nux Vomica 30 CH four times daily.  Relief should be experienced within 3 hours. In case there is slight fever, then stomach infection may be indicated. In such a case, a doctor is recommended. Meanwhile a few doses of Arsenicum Album 30CH should also help fix the stomach.

For a loose stomach without any apparent cause, where the motions are difficult to control, Aloe 30CH is very effective. Alternate this with Nux Vomica 30CH to find a fix within hours.

Needless to say, if self medication, does not work, it is important to rush to a doctor. It is also important to keep the body hydrated during the treatments.

It is always better to find a cure with natural remedies. If these remedies do not work, a doctor will normally recommend an antibiotic which may be necessary in severe stomach infections. 


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