Low Blood Pressure Problems                                       by  Janice Kumar


I recently suffered from continuously low blood pressure and tried to find possible causes and solutions. In case you or someone you know, is suffering from low blood pressure, you should find useful information in this article.

Normally blood pressure is measured when the heart is beating (Systolic) and also when it is at rest (Diastolic). These measurements are normally written as a figure 120/80 mmHg and is indicative of the body's health.  Normal Blood pressure values would range between 110-120 (Systolic) and 70-80 ( Diastolic). A blood pressure reading above 140 mmHg ( consistently) can be categorized as High Blood Pressure and a reading below 65 (Diastolic) may be considered as Low Blood Pressure. Normally the working of the body will suffer below 60 ( Diastolic)  and this may require investigation and treatment.

This article will discuss Low Blood Pressure, its symptoms, broad outline of investigation as to cause and some solutions.

Some symptoms of Low Blood Pressure may be as follows:                                             

  • Fatigue, Low energy levels, and a desire to rest.

  • Throbbing continuous low intensity headache radiating to the eye sockets.

  • Inability to concentrate and irritable nature.

  • Nausea /  Vomiting sensations.

  • Dizziness and fainting spells.

  • Low Libido.

  • Poor skin tone and dry, falling hair.

  • A feeling of being sick without cause.

  • Perspiration and Trembling.

  • Breathlessness especially while climbing stairs or while walking up a slope.

Some possible causes for low blood pressure and related symptoms could be:

  1. Hypothyroidism. When the body lacks sufficient quantity of thyroid hormone, it can lead to low blood pressure, fatigue, weakness, falling hair and weight gain.

  2. Hypoglycaemia. If blood sugar levels fall below 2.5 mmoI/l , the body will suffer from fatigue and weakness, trembling and perspiration.

  3. Low Haemoglobin levels. In a healthy person, the haemoglobin levels in the blood are measured as grams per 100 milliliters. The normal range for a man is 13.5 to 17.5 and for a woman is 11.5 to 15.5 g/dl. A low hemoglobin level ( normally below 9 g/dl) will lead to less oxygen being sent o the brain and heart and can lead to dizziness, fainting spells, weakness and general ill health.

  4.  A Low Irregular Heat Beat. When the heart pumps blood at a slow speed and the heart beat is irregular and below 60 beats a minute (Bradycardia), not enough blood pressure is developed and sufficient oxygen may not reach all body parts. This can also lead to symptoms as described above.

  5. Mental factors such as Stress and Depression can also be a contributing cause.

  6. Constitution / Hereditary factors. Some people constitutionally have a low blood pressure. There might also be hereditary factors at work.

Some possible investigations which can eliminate and confirm factors at work before initiating treatment are:

  • TSH levels in the blood will tell the doctor if Hypothyroidism is a factor.

  • Blood Sugar testing both -empty stomach ( fasting) and after meals will tell the doctor if  Hypoglycaemia can be ruled out.

  • A Blood test for Haemoglobin levels may indicate Anaemia ( low haemoglobin levels) as a cause of low blood pressure symptoms.

  • An ECG test or ECHO test will enable the doctor to eliminate heart related problems as a cause. A cardiologist will advise the correct test after due investigation.

If all of the above causes are eliminated then the cause may be related to Stress and Depression requiring a different set of treatments involving life style modification and relaxation techniques.

At times ( as it happens to be in my case), the body's normal blood pressure is low due to hereditary or constitution factors. This does not require treatment as the body learns to function normally at slightly lower blood pressure levels. However a drop below 60-65 Diastolic will normally require some perk up foods and drinks. A hearty nutritious breakfast and fruit drinks ( with  a little salt added) will help in boosting blood pressure levels and bring things online. The doctor may also prescribe vitamins and minerals as dietary supplements to help in stabilizing the body. Some other energy boosters are milk with honey added and fresh lime juice with sugar and salt. .......However, sometimes, a strong cup of coffee is all it takes to fix things..


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