Detoxify your Body-Reduce Acidic content and balance your pH  by  Janice Kumar


Many foods we eat, contribute to the acidic content in our body. A highly acidic food intake can cause the kidneys, liver and skin to react negatively causing illnesses. It is best to eat a balanced diet which helps in maintaining  the pH balance of the body. This will lead to better digestion, healthier skin and hair and also better health.

An highly acidic diet leads to multiple health issues and is best counteracted by proper eating. Stress is also a factor which can cause high acidity levels. The Stress factor is best discussed in a separate article.

Most non vegetarian foods are highly acidic in nature. Red meats, chicken, eggs, lentils, rice, white bread all contribute to the acidic content in the body. A highly acidic diet needs to be counteracted with alkaline foods or foods that have an alkaline effect on the body.

This is most essential because -

The body's pH level controls and affects all body functions. A low pH level means that the brain finds it difficult to absorb energy from blood cells.

Highly acidic foods lead to premature ageing of cells and the body including hair loss, poor skin condition.

Highly acidic foods also lead to body fatigue and a general feeling of tiredness which persists the whole day.


The solution is to eat foods rich in alkaline content primarily vegetables and fruits along with the acidic foods to balance the acidity levels in the body. It is essential to eat a lot of alkaline vegetables especially green vegetables and fresh fruits such as grape, banana, blackberry, apples, melons, citrus fruits cauliflowers, radish, carrots, beetroot, eggplant, bottle gourd, broccoli etc. A simple solution for those who love to eat meats is to combine, acidic foods with alkaline foods while eating, to get a balance. For example, eat chicken with broccoli and green vegetables to get a balance. A highly recommended way to start the day is to have a glass of juice of an citrus fruit. Citrus fruits are acidic in nature but have an alkaline effect in the body. 


In general, it may be noted that-

About 75 % of total food intake must be alkaline in nature. This is most essential for proper digestion and good health.

Alkaline foods  lead to a more active brain.

Alkaline foods lead to an active body which is less prone to headaches, colds and illnesses.

An highly alkaline diet slows down the process of ageing and is highly recommended for young looking skin.

So go ahead and detoxify the body with alkaline foods. Reduce acidity levels in your body the natural way and enjoy a healthier body and lifestyle.





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