Reduce Salt Intake for a Richer, Healthier Life                     by  Janice Kumar                  

We all enjoy salted foods. Some people have a propensity to eat packaged foods which are highly salted without realizing the ill effects of too much salt on the human body. Too much salt is not really required by the body and can cause the body to react negatively as it tries to get rid of the sodium content in the salt which is primarily sodium chloride.

It really does not make much sense to give technical levels of ideal salt intake as there is really no correct level. Suffice it to say that, low salt intake is desirable and high salt intake is harmful for the human body.

Some ill effects of a high salt diet are as follows:

  • Excessive salt intake is known to cause High Blood Pressure. Normally people suffering from high blood pressure are advised to immediately cut salt intake and they can notice the positive effects of this action within a few days.

  • A salt rich diet is difficult to digest and it interferes with the lining of the digestive tract.

  • Excessive sodium intake as in sodium chloride (common salt) can cause the kidneys to overwork and damage them over the long term.

  • Too much salt is shown to interfere with the absorption of calcium in the body causing calcium deficiency and related problems.


Reducing salt intake is easier said than done.

  • The first thing to do is to reduce dependency on packaged foods, junk foods and take out foods which almost always have excessive salt. If you can cook the food yourself, you have a better chance and possibility to reduce common salt intake.

  • Get rid of commercially bought, frozen foods and use fresh ingredients.  If you need to save time, cut and freeze ingredients on your own and store them in your freezer. If you use fresh vegetables and make your own sauces you will control and reduce salt intake dramatically.

  • Add salt only to cooked foods. The impact and effect will be more if you add salt to the end of cooking. If you add salt to boiling pasta or rice or potatoes for example, you cannot taste it or check the effect immediately. Best way to use salt is to sprinkle it on the cooked food. This gives the maximum impact for the least salt used.

  • It is also important to measure and use salt. There is a tendency to add excessive salt when not using a measuring spoon. If you can't use a measuring spoon, it is advisable to add small amounts and taste as you increase the salt input. Use the minimum possible for maximum impact.

  • You can also reduce salt intake by using lemon or lime juice as a flavoring along with olive oil. Avoid vinegar as it is a synthetic (fermented) product and too much usage can cause more harm than good. This dressing works for may foods and helps in distracting the palate, reducing the need fro salt.

  • Another option is to grill and roast vegetables. This will help bring out the natural flavoring and sweetness of the vegetables reducing the need for additional salt.

  • Commercially available meats, already have salt in them and it is best to eat them without added salts.


Give this salt free or salt reduced diet to work on your body for a few days. You will soon feel more energetic, less lethargic and healthier. Enjoy a fit body with less salt.


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