Rhinitis Cures, the natural Way                   by  Janice Kumar

A friend of mine has suffered from chronic rhinitis for the last 3 years. The allergic problem seems to continue all the year around and he has the following symptoms.

  • Continuous itching in the nasal area and nose tip.

  • Sneezing which does not seem to stop.

  • Inflamed ( red) nasal passage and sinuses.

  • Watery eyes and continuous eye discomfort.

  • Headaches and fatigue from sneezing and running nose.

At times the problem is so severe that he is unable to drive and spends almost all his time managing his nose and eyes.


This kind of allergic rhinitis is caused by pollen in the air from plants and trees and may be characterized as Hay Fever. When this problem is seasonal it is characterized as seasonal rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis which seems to continue the whole year around is a more severe from of allergy and is called Perennial allergic Rhinitis.

To cure the problem, it is important to find the underlying cause in the atmosphere  (pollen etc) or environment (dust mites etc) and remove the contributing cause. Unfortunately it is not very easy to understand and remove the contributing causes of allergic rhinitis in most cases and the patient has to suffer this problem without recourse to a permanent cure.

I have studies the possible cures for this problem. The normal treatment for this problem includes anti histamines and local acting steroids which are injected directly into the nose with a spray. This seems to inhibit the formation of the histamines in the body and helps prevent nasal inflammation and sneezing. Unfortunately this treatment, in my experience may lead to joint stiffness and pains and body discomfort in many cases and is unfortunately not a long term treatment. My friend has experienced major discomfort in joints with long term usage of locally acting steroidal medicines, and sometimes finds it difficult to even walk comfortably. And he is only 35 years of age. Although this kind of a reaction is rare, but it is not a heart warming thought.

Another problem with rhinitis which is left untreated is that in quite a few cases it leads to asthma in the patient. As the bronchial tubes start getting inflamed, the problem of  asthma  may result. And this is what has precisely happened to my friend.


Now let me mention some natural way to treat this condition.

First of all I recommend Homeopathy. Homeopathy is safe and natural and acts fast. My friend consulted  a Homeopath who put him on  Kali Bichromium 200CH( every night) and alternated Natrium Mur 30CH with Spongia Tosta 30CH , thrice during the day. Once a week he gave him  Hepar Sulpur 1M ( three doses with a gap of ten minutes each).  Within 10 days, he finds much improvement in his rhinitis and also asthma condition. He has now reduced his antihistamine treatments and medicines to only once or twice a week. He hopes to be off,  allopathic medicines in another 2 weeks.

In combination with the above, I recommended a simple herb. I asked him to take a pinch of asafetida and mix it with a little water in a  small 10ml bottle. When ever he feels his nose itching or a sneeze coming along, he now dabs a little of this water in his nostrils. The sneezing and the itching immediately stops. He can't believe his luck. He has tried for the last 3 years to find a cure and here is this asafetida in water that stops the problem. He just can't thank me enough. It seems to be a miracle to him. Actually the strong smell of asafetida acts as an antidote to the allergens. Over time my friend has reduced dependency on this herb also to once a day and hopes to soon reduce it even further.

And he is almost off , antihistamines and he can now lead a normal life.

Ayurvedic techniques to control rhinitis include the following given below. These natural treatments help build up immunity levels in the body and reduce swelling and control inflammations of the nasal and respiratory tract.

  • Take one tablespoonful of turmeric mixed with milk every day in the morning and evening.

  • Ginger tea helps control inflammation and a lemon squeezed into warm water provides the necessary vitamin C boost. Take both regularly as a matter of course.

  • Pour some coconut oil in boiling water and inhale the steam. The coconut oil helps lubricate the nasal tract and reduce swellings.  This should be done twice a day for effective treatment.

Modern medicine seems to rely to much on blocking histamines providing temporary relief. Repeated use of these kind of medicines lead to the body gaining immunity and then even stronger medicines are required. The cycle does not seem to end. Natural cures like homeopathy and simple herbs  stimulate the body and enable it to fight the problem. The body finds a natural balance and cures itself.

Universal Herbs Inc   has a wide range of herbal remedies. Use their search function to find many alternative cures for rhinitis problems. Many remedies use the principle of homeopathy and Ayurveda and are worth a try.  

Native Remedies also has an interesting product to deal with these kind of allergies. It is worth a try, and is a combination of naturopathy and homeopathy.


      HayFever Fighter

An homeopathic formulation to fight allergies is hay fever fighter.

I hope you gained something from the article. I suggest a detailed consultation with a trained homeopath before starting this line of treatment. The herbal treatment is simple and can be tried by anyone.

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