Cervical Spondylosis: Corrective Measures and Relief  by  Janice Kumar


This is a common degenerative condition of the Cervical Spine.  As Cervical Disks age, they fragment, desiccate and collapse.  The condition in general is referred to as Cervical Spondylosis. There may be various degrees of pain and symptoms may vary in intensity and time.  There does not seem to be a permanent , complete solution to this problem, however remission and possible slowdown of this condition is possible through some traditional and non traditional measures.


This condition causes various symptoms. Some common ones are as follows.

  •  Stiff ( rigid ) Neck with pain.

  •  Neck Pain radiating to the shoulders.

  •  Pain at the Neck and Shoulder joints.

  •  Unexplained Headaches.

  •  Spinning Sensation in the Head.

  •  In some cases, loss of manual dexterity and numbness in arms and hands may be experienced.


Some Possible Causes are as follows.

  • A genetic propensity to this problem cannot be ruled out.

  • Repeated Occupational Trauma can be a cause.

  • Accidents or injuries caused to the Neck area may be a contributing factor.

  • Smoking may also aggravate this problem.


This problem can be reduced  and relief from pain can be experienced by a combination of following possible treatments.


Neck exercises, advised and supervised by a trained Chiropractor can help in strengthening neck muscles and can provide relief. It is important to strictly follow the advice of a trained doctor and practice the light exercises on a regular basis to find relief.

A light massage by a trained practitioner can help in this condition.  Ancient Indian Ayurveda treatments for this condition can and will be useful. They can help in providing long term remission and relief.

Hot and cold packs applied by a trained doctor can also help in remission and relief. It is important to take the advice of a doctor to get the treatment right.

Some doctors recommend soft collars or a cervical pillow for neck support. This may help to a certain degree in a few specific cases.

Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs like aspirin etc taken on the advice of the doctor can provide temporary relief.

Life style modification is highly recommended for long term relief. Light exercise, avoiding Cigarettes and  some Yoga will definitely help in long term remission of the problem.  Some doctors call this disease a  'Life style disease' as many patients have sedentary work habits, with long hours on the computer , sitting on poorly designed chairs with poor posture. Changes made to the life style incorporating better posture, exercise, regular breaks and nourishing foods will definitely help.

Homeopathy can also help in this condition. It is a generally safe and symptomatic treatment.   A trained Homeopath will study the broader patient life style, symptoms exhibited and recommend remedies.  The following over the counter approach may also be tried. Take one dose, ( couple of drops of the remedy in a spoon of water) of Homeopathy remedy Cimicifuga Racemosa in potency 30CH every one hour alternating with Homeopathic remedy Cicuta Virosa 30CH. If relief is felt after one day of treatment, reduce dosage to once every two hours from the second day onwards. Stop after 3-5 days of treatment. This should help in  controlling the symptoms while you look for life style modification to find longer term relief.


The above information and advice, should point you in the right direction.  It is best to consult a trained doctor to find the correct diagnosis for the problem, you are facing and then look for solutions.  I hope the above short article, helps and provides  reliable guidance.

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