Tooth Ache- Herbal Home Cures                   by  Janice Kumar


Toothache is one of the most unbearable conditions that can be experienced by a person. It can be throbbing, continuous pain, totally disrupting normal day to day work or it can be severe, unrelenting pain which can make a person scream in agony.

The best solution is to rush to a dentist and get a professional to look at it. However, in cases where this might not be immediately possible, it may be necessary to try a few herbal home remedies for temporary relief.

Tooth ache caused by Cavities which involve the root (nerve ending) to be exposed to the elements requires a filing or in severe cases, a root canal treatment. The last and least recommended  recourse is tooth extraction.

The following home remedies can provide some relief.

  1. Dip a cotton swab in vanilla essence and press it against the affected tooth. Do make sure you target the correct tooth, as referral pain can sometimes make identification difficult.

  2. Clove oil is a well known and favored home treatment for tooth ache. It does work,  but it is important to be careful to avoid excess of this oil especially on the gums, as it can cause ulcers to develop.

  3. Try a little Turmeric powder pressed into the affected tooth. This can also provide relief without any ill effects. Take Turmeric powder on a cotton swab and push it into the cavity of the affected tooth for relief.

  4. Another easy to use remedy is to peel a clove of garlic and press it against the tooth for relief.  The juice of the garlic is an effective natural anaesthetic and will provide immediate relief.


At times, tooth ache may develop after an extraction or after serious dental work has been performed. Normally the dentist will recommend pain killers to provide relief. In case of severe pain and in case, you would like to avoid these pain killers try the following. Bleeding gums can also be treated with these remedies.

  1. Take a tea bag and dip it in a bowl of iced water. Apply this moist cold tea bag to the affected area for relief.

  2. Take black pepper and  holy basil (Tulsi) leaves in equal proportions and grind them into a paste. Apply this paste on the affected areas to find relief and also faster healing.


I hope you found some remedy for immediate relief from tooth pain. A visit to the dentist is very important to understand the reason for this ache. Sometimes minor aches may be caused by bleeding gums or abrasion of the tooth enamel and receding gums. These kind of problems may require home treatments or specialized care ( especially professional cleaning) and improvement in oral hygiene. Take the advice of a dentist to find permanent relief and cure.


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